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This opportunity is perfect as it's only $7 to get started and can help to change our lives, financially!

As CEO of The University Of Network Marketing I have been seeking for an opportunity just like this. This 4x4 matrix is what will teach the entire world the difference between a pyramid scheme vs a real opportunity! As this legitimate opportunity is just what the industry has been missing 💯. I am so excited for the future.

I made $28 in level 1
Now I'm going to be collecting $17 payments

This program moves so fast !! I mean who doesn't have $7, it can even be PIF'd, The key to success in this program is to 1) get your 4, then help them get their 4 2) UPGRADE< UPGRADED

The 7 Dollar Club is Fantastic!!! The web site is so user friendly. Very exciting to see your down line matrix in the back office.. This is a win win for everybody. Was in profit the very first day I joined.. Get in now!

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